Studio Interior

Studio 1

The largest voice over studio here with the latest ProTools HDX system. Ideal for sound to picture mixing, sound Design, ADR, ISDN, & Source Connect sessions.

Studio Blueprint

Comfy for 6 or 7 clients sat in the control room.

The voice over booth sits 3 or 4 people easily - perfect for round table interviews and ADR sessions with the VO table removed. With picture sync / big screen TV as standard

All studios share our huge SFX server and can transfer projects seamlessly between one another.

Mixing Desk
ProTools C24 with HDX rig.

We have ISDN systems with all standard internationally recognised codecs in all our studios. 

​Source Connect Pro
Including remote sync capabilities to connect up and lock to any other Source Connect Studio around the world.

Other Software and Gear
Client iMac and a range of keyboards, guitars and far too many synths and plugins to mention here!

Neumann U87, Audio Technica 4033, Sennheiser 416 and MKH60, Sanken COS11 and many more available upon request. 

Worth noting

All studios support OMF import and export and we can deliver final audio files in any format, sample rate and bit depth including WAV, MP3, AIFFs on CD or via upload to our secure server. Also, all sessions come with very tasty biscuits and tea and coffee as standard.

If you have any questions regarding your own project, please get in touch here.

For examples of recent sound design or voice over recording work, take a look at our showreel page here.