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A global dubbing & re-versioning service

In 2018 SNK Studios dubbed around thirty seasons of major US & UK TV shows, plus several feature films in up to eight languages per project, almost all in surround sound. That’s over 700 hours of audio mixed, QC’d & delivered to major networks and streaming platforms, in a single year.

Our dedicated team of dubbing mixers and coordinators have the skills necessary to handle large-scale re-versioning projects. We also have an extensive commercials background, working with some of the biggest brands in the world, providing a seamless service re-versioning thousands of ads a year for international markets.

Our world-class facilities and efficient workflow mean we can handle everything from full 'lip-sync' dialogue replacement, closely recreating the quality and tone of the original audio, to large quantities of simpler 'UN style' voice over and audio description.

We also have experience working closely with some of the top translation providers ensuring your script is accurately re-created, or respectfully adapted if 'trans-creation' is required. We also have several foreign-language speaking engineers in-house to lend a hand during the recording session.

- All Studios benefit from ISDN and Source Connect systems including all globally compatible formats for connecting (and synching) to remote talent when necessary

- World-class sound quality from our beautiful voice booths combined with the latest ProTools HDX audio systems and industry standard location microphones. In addition Studio 7 is Dolby Certified and the ideal space for 'open-room' ADR recording

- Integrated Skype and telephone connections ready for clients to listen in, or direct remotely

- Full Quality Check (QC) service available when required, providing full linear-pass reports on final mix to ensure faultless delivery

- The understanding and technical ability to deliver any internationally required audio specification; including 5.1+2.0, PPM, LUFS, WAVS, MOVS, all stems accurately supplied etc etc.


For any dubbing or versioning enquiries call +44 (0)20 7387 0050 or email [email protected]

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