Studio Interior

Foreign version voice over production & recording in London

Language is no barrier

With unparalleled access to the finest voice over artists and agencies, years of casting experience and five cutting edge studios in the heart of Central London, SNK Studios is the natural choice for all your foreign voice over versions and linguistic work. 

- In-house casting specialists ready to discuss your brief

- Accurate, on brief translation service when required


What we do

We record voice overs, ADR and create mixes for TV, radio, online ads, films and documentaries, computer game audio, property and real estate videos, in-flight audio, phone hold messages and prompts, e-learning and any other media.

- Flexible rates and voiceover artist roster to accommodate all budgets, large and small. 

- High quality ISDN codecs in all studios including all standard, globally compatible formats

- Five studios in the heart of London

- Incredible sound quality from our beautiful, acoustically treated, isolated voice booths combined with the latest ProTools HD audio systems and industry standard microphones

- Integrated Skype and telephone connections ready for clients to listen in, or direct remotely

- Picture sync available via LTC lock and compatible remote studios

- Wonderful relationships with all the talent agencies and the necessary experience to arrange your sessions from casting to final recording and delivery with ease

- Competitive rates